Worship at Home – good resources for the whole church family

On Sunday we were directed towards some fantastic resources that are available from The Good Book Company.

5 Things to Pray

One thing we can all do is pray but, actually, even that can be hard when faced with so much suffering and need in the world. Well, try this book will help us. Five things to pray in a global crisis takes about 30 passages from Scripture and suggests 5 things to pray from them so that we can pray in line with God’s will. They’ll help us pray for comfort in loneliness, peace in anxiousness, patience in frustration, wisdom in uncertainty and hope in grief.

Where is God in a Coronavirus World?

The next is a little book which will help us make sense of where God is in all of this. It’s Where is God in a Coronavirus World? by John Lennox and is a short, helpful read that will equip, inform and challenge us to look to a sovereign God in the midst of ‘natural’ disasters. It would be ideal for reading and then giving to your friends and neighbours to help them think.


If you’re just overwhelmed by everything and aren’t quite sure what to feel at all, then turn to the Psalms with these books, Teach Me to Feel; looks at psalms to help us when we’re feeling lost, lonely, envious, guilty, etc; or Christopher Ash’s new book, Psalms For You, helps us to read the Psalms for ourselves.

My Heart Cries Out

For those who have a little more time to meditate and reflect, I can thoroughly recommend Paul Tripp’s My Heart Cries Out as an amazing series of poems reflecting on God, grace and the gospel. Also a devotional like Explore Through the Bible, would be an excellent thing to help you take bite-sized chunks of God’s Word each day.

Bake Through and Kids’ Books

For those of you looking for things to do with your kids, check out Bake Through the Bible for fun recipes which will point you to Jesus as well. And a huge shout-out to Catalina Echeverri’s amazing range of kids books for 3-7yr olds, each of which come with a colouring/activity companion.

Richard also commended the excellent book ‘Suffering’ by Paul Tripp.

All of these can be purchased from The Good Book Company website, and if you use the code, DundonaldLockdown, for this week only it’ll give you 40% off these titles.

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