We long to see women in our church family and beyond coming to Christ and growing to maturity. Dundonald has a range of ministries that seek to encourage women to understand, respond to, and apply the life-giving gospel of Jesus in every aspect of their lives. We all benefit as the women in our family pass on to other women their gospel convictions, and the wisdom of what it looks like to live these out as a disciple of Jesus in the 21st Century.
Our Women's ministry is led by Genevieve Johnston.

Sat 11 July – Women’s breakfast

Are you missing seeing women from across our church family for fellowship?  Why not join us for some time (online) together as we hear from a few of the women in our church on their experience of “Loving Jesus and Loving Each other – in Lockdown”

Maybe our own experience will resonate with theirs, or they’ll share something that will encourage or inspire us? Wear your best pyjamas if you don’t want to get dressed as we will be “seeing” each other as we chat in small groups!

Unusual time…

At our last women’s breakfast, we looked at teaching from Philippians as a model for Christian friendship as women.  We looked at a “shoulder-to-shoulder” model of friendship – we partner with each other as we point each other and our non-Christian friends to Christ in our friendships. 

At this unusual time, it’s evident that how we can keep encouraging each other as women might look very different depending on our home and work situation, so here are some suggestions for us.

If you currently feel stretched to your emotional and physical limits

If at the polar opposite, you currently feel stretched to your emotional and physical limits and are struggling to find time in the day for personal refreshment from God’s word, here are a few links to short podcasts/playlists which (in addition to Richard’s midweek reflection) we hope will feed your soul in the midst of a busy day.  The list will get updated – so send your recommendations if you find something helpful.

Upcoming events/courses

Thursday 16 July – Let’s read a Christian book!

This term our recommended reading was “Alive in Him” by Gloria Furman – trailed as a book that encourages us to understand how “being embraced by the love of Christ changes everything!”.  If you want to meet with others to discuss your highlights from the book, we’re hosting zoom groups on Thurs 16 July. 

The book is available from the Good Book Company, which also has free study notes to download.      

Women’s Ministry Course – Good Book Co

All women have a role to play in inspiring and encouraging other women in the local church and reaching out to their female friends. This short course helps equip women to encourage each other and how to make the most of every opportunity to point others to Christ.

There are 10 modules, covering topics such as teaching the Bible, one to ones, pastoral care, supporting single/married friends etc. Those interested in joining this course will individually work through a chapter a week, then meet online to discuss the key ideas and exercises.


“The women’s ministry course was engaging, practical and encouraging and has helped me feel equipped to help women grow in their relationship with Christ through formal and informal ministry. Through sound Biblical theology and application it has provided a framework for me to provide pastoral care to others and prepare 1:1s, Bible studies or talks. I can’t recommend this course enough, whether you’re new to women’s ministry or have been leading Bible studies for years.”


Genevieve Johnston

Ministry Leader