We long to see women in our church family and beyond coming to Christ and growing to maturity. Dundonald has a range of ministries that seek to encourage women to understand, respond to, and apply the life-giving gospel of Jesus in every aspect of their lives. We all benefit as the women in our family pass on to other women their gospel convictions, and the wisdom of what it looks like to live these out as a disciple of Jesus in the 21st Century.

Stepping Stones

Stepping Stones was launched in 2020 as a small playgroup for local pre-schoolers (under 4s) and their carers. The group is run by a team from Dundonald Church whose aim is to host a warm, welcoming playgroup for our community. We open each session with a fun time of singing and actions, a Bible truth for the children and an adult thought for the morning, followed by coffee, cake, craft, focus activity and play. If you are around on Thursdays and want to find out how you can join or support this ministry, do email genevieve.johnston@dundonald.org.

First Steps

First Steps is a monthly group for new mums with babies aged up to 12 months. The aim of this group is to enable new mums (whether from Dundonald Church or our local community), to meet together to build friendships and to encourage one another in the new role of motherhood. The mornings include an opportunity to have a catch up chat over coffee, hear from a more experienced mum and have a bit of discussion over what she’s shared. We’ll also open up the Bible for some encouragement and wisdom.

These monthly meetings are taking place at Merton Park Baptist Church so do email first.steps@dundonald.org if you would like to receive details about joining the next session or click through on the links below to sign up to attend.

Termly Women’s Breakfast/Lunch

We host termly events for women from across our church family to get together.  We enjoy some food together, then open up the Bible, have a short time of teaching and opportunity to discuss the same in small, cross-congregational groups.  We’ll hopefully hear testimonies each time, share our personal experiences and pray for each other.

1 Peter 3

The 1 Peter 3 group is especially for women in our church whose partners don’t share their faith. The group meets once a term, usually early on a Saturday, to connect with others in a similar situation, chat, share encouragement from the Bible and pray. 

Do email genevieve.johnston@dundonald.org 
if you’d like to join the next session.

Helpful Resources

Here are a few links to short podcasts/articles/resources which we hope will feed your soul in the midst of a busy day. The list will get updated – so send your recommendations if you find something helpful.

Daily Bible EncouragementCathy Dalton

Daily reflections – a series from the Psalms and also from Isaiah – looking at a verse (or two) at a time. These reflections are intended especially for women short on time and under pressure. They aim to help us fix our eyes on the character and promises of our gracious God, whatever our immediate circumstances.

Accessible in 3 ways:
On the website – http://daily.bible.encouragement.buzzsprout.com/
As a podcast – on most podcast platforms/apps eg Spotify, Apple podcasts, Stitcher, Deezer and many others. (Sadly, it’s not possible to access it through Google Podcasts).
Using the RSS feed – if you only want to read, not listen, you can use an RSS reader app  at https://feeds.buzzsprout.com/1135586.rss

Knowing Faith

Knowing Faith is a podcast exploring how our faith is founded upon scripture. The team believe the Bible is for everyone and is committed to helping the church understand where their faith is rooted. 

Available on podcast platforms/apps eg Spotify, Apple podcasts, Stitcher

Genevieve Johnston

Ministry Leader