In just over a week’s time many of us will be sitting down to enjoy a delicious meal together as The Factory is transformed into a dining hall for two nights of the year. The Building for the Future Dinners are taking place on Friday 29th and Saturday 30th September and we’d hate for you to miss out, if you haven’t yet booked…here’s somethings to think about that might persuade you.

London life is busy and expensive… Do you fancy a night out? With great company? How expensive is it these days to go out for dinner with friends in London?!! Not at Dundonald Church, this dinner is only £10 and includes canapes, main course, pudding and a free glass of something on arrival. And you can bring your own bottle of wine for free. This is a seriously good deal, but more than your £10 we want you to be at one of these dinners so if money is a concern then please let us know and we’ll figure it out.

We are a church committed to listening to God speaking to us… These dinners don’t look or feel like Sunday at Dundonald and yet God remains at the heart of the evening. Richard our Senior Pastor will give a short talk, sharing God’s word with us to remind us that everything we’ve enjoyed over the past year and everything we hope for the future comes for our heavenly Father, so it’s right to make space for him at the table and ask him to help us do it all for his glory not our own.

Getting together is important and part of being a Christian… We’re a church that started from humble beginnings and by God’s grace has grown into four congregations with over 600 adults and 250 under 18’s coming through the doors most weeks, so a coffee and a catch up after the service isn’t really possible anymore, so we need to give more time to intentionally spending more of life together outside of a Sunday. God has given us one another to be different parts of the same body, united under Christ, these two evenings offer the chance to see lots of those parts come together and celebrate that unity and form new relationships.

You need to hear the news about the building plans, it’s your future too… As we hear about the Vision for the year ahead, some time will be given over to news on our Building Project.  This is an exciting time for our church, there’ll be an opportunity to discuss the next steps with those around you and ask God for his help with whatever lies ahead.

Let’s give thanks… There’s so much for us to be grateful to God for. If you’re new to church life here at Dundonald we want you to see that we’re a group of people dedicated to thanking God for all of his goodness. If praying is new to you, then don’t be worried, you don’t have to say anything, just enjoy listening to others saying something and say Amen at the end if you agree.

There you have it, 5 things to hopefully encourage you to come along and join us at these great evenings at Dundonald Church, we look forward to seeing you all there.

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Iain Ridley

In a previous life, Iain was an actor and restauranteur. He now leads the Serve ministry at Dundonald Church - helping everyone to feel connected, to belong and joining in.

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