Who We Are

Dundonald Church is a diverse group of people who are very much a work in progress. We are flawed and ordinary people learning to become the servant-hearted community God wants us to be. We are seeking to be a group of people full of God's joy, humility, integrity and kindness.

We are Evangelical Christians

Whilst we are contemporary and informal in our style we are committed to the historical, biblical Christian faith.

  • We believe that God has spoken to us in the bible. The bible is reliable and God continues to speak to us through the words found in the bible. The bible says all that we need for salvation.
  • We believe that Jesus Christ died. When Jesus died on the cross he suffered the punishment we deserve for not putting God first in our lives. We depend entirely on him for forgiveness and salvation.
  • We believe that Jesus Christ is risen. Death was not the end for Jesus. He rose from the dead, he is alive now. He rules over his world and cares for his people. He has opened the way to heaven.
  • We believe that Jesus Christ will return. Jesus will return to judge everyone who has ever lived. When he returns he will make the world perfect, he will welcome his people and condemn his enemies to hell.
  • We believe that God’s Spirit is empowering us. The Holy Spirit gives us new life to know and grow like Jesus. We need his purification for holiness, his gifts for service and his power for evangelism.
  • We repent and believe. For forgiveness and life we must turn from our sin to following Christ and from trusting ourselves to trusting in Christ. Jesus is the King in our lives.
  • We worship God. We worship in spirit and truth in all of life with sacrificial holiness. Our meetings are marked by learning (not mystery), sincerity (not ceremony) and joy (not boredom).
  • Our priority is Evangelism. We aim to grow disciples for Christ. We regard the gospel of Christ as the most precious gift of love and the most potent force for social change.

We are Loving Christians

Our mission is love. We want to be loving in everything we do. As individuals and together we are committed to Loving God, Loving Each Other, and Loving Our Neighbours.

Loving God
We aim to love God wholeheartedly by listening with humble delight to his Spirit speaking to us in Scripture and responding with obedient repentance and faith.
Loving Each Other
We aim to love God’s people sacrificially by offering practical service to anyone among us in need; whether new mums needing meals, lonely or sick people needing a visit or the discouraged needing reassurance.
Loving Our Neighbours
We aim to love God’s world generously by showing holy and respectful love towards everyone and being devoted to doing whatever is good, especially in explaining the gospel of God’s love.

We are Connected Christians

We strongly believe that we can do more together than we can on our own.  We love working in partnership with our brothers and sisters in Christ.

Dundonald Church is part of the Co-Mission network of churches. Co-Mission is an enterprising church-planting network that God has been growing in London since 2005. Please visit co-mission.org to discover more.
Dundonald Church is Anglican. Our Senior Pastor is ordained and licensed by the Church of England, on the Executive Committee of the Anglican Mission in England (AMiE) and on Reform Council. We are respectful of others who endeavour to be faithful to God’s Word.
Dundonald Church enjoys partnership in Gospel Ministry with the cross-denominational South West London and South East Gospel Partnerships as with churches and ministries of many nations. We support the work of 9:38 as we seek to raise up Gospel Workers for the next generation.

Our People

You can email staff using firstname.lastname@dundonald.org

Ministry Team


Senior Pastor

Richard Coekin


Senior Associate Pastor

Matt Beeby



Andrew Nicholls


Music Director

Michael Morrow


Children's Worker

Ed Drew


Youth Worker

James Williams


Ministry Leader

Iain Ridley


Women's Ministry

Genevieve Johnston


Ministry Leader

Mark Vernon

Operations Team


Operations Manager

Mark Nicholas


Ministry Support

Emily Knight


Ministry Support

Marie Betts


Children's Work

Louise Field



Inha Park


Alexs Wallace


Anna Barrett


Tom Parkes

Governing Elders


Richard Coekin


Mark Chambers


John Marland


Simon Hetherington


Matt Beeby


Stephen Hatherall

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