We are very thankful for the opportunity for all of our congregations to meet Face to Face safely!  We’ve missed gathering as God’s people as we’re used to and as the Scriptures encourage us, so with restrictions easing, we will be gathering face to face from this Sunday 14th March. We know that some in our church family are still shielding, caring for others, or otherwise unable to meet together for church, but for most of us, this is a most welcome change, and is very important for our faith and Christian walk.

As we still need to observe social distancing in order to keep safe, members of each congregation will be in an allocated gathering group, attending church every other week. We will continue to stream an online service at all our regular service times for those who are not able to attend.  You can watch the online service stream on our streaming page.

We’re not yet able to run our children’s programs, but will do so as soon as we’re able, which we think will probably be Sunday 18 April.

All Dundonald church family members will receive an email this week letting you know which gathering group you’re invited to be a part of, and your Sunday dates for the next few weeks. These groups are based around existing Growth Groups and KG Groups, and will look very similar to the groups you joined for church in the summer.  Gathering together to sit under God’s Word, to encourage others and to be encourage ourselves is vital to our spiritual health, and good for our relationships and well-being. If you’re not prevented from joining us by health or other factors, please do join us on your allocated Sunday.

If you’re new to our church, or would like to join us on a Sunday, please let us know at www.dundonald.org/facetoface or you can email info@dundonald.org if you need help, and we’ll make sure there’s a seat for you!

We really look forward to seeing you from this Sunday!

Clayton Fopp
Senior Assistant Pastor

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