Term 2 – Week 11

Big Idea – God promised David a forever Kingdom ruled by a forever King.

2 Samuel 5-7 (Psalm 51)

Lesson Background

This unit of work is an overview of the Old Testament from creation in Genesis 1 up to God’s promise to King David in 2 Samuel 7.  The theme for the unit is: God always keeps His Promises.

God’s people are in God’s place under His rule, and the Israelites said to Joshua, ‘We will serve the Lord our God and obey him’ (Josh 24:24). But it didn’t take long for the Israelites to serve other gods and disobey him. In 1 Samuel 8, the Israelites cried, ‘We want a King like all the other nations,’ but in doing so they rejected God their loving King who made everything, the one who rescued them from slavery and brought them into the Promised Land. God granted their request and eventually showed them the folly of their request by placing them under the poor leadership of Saul. Saul was the people’s king – chosen by the people for the people. God raised up a new king to lead the Israelites, he was a shepherd boy called David. God chose David to be king according to his own heart, not according to what he looked like. David was God’s king, chosen by God for God.

2 Samuel 7:

In 2 Samuel 7 God promises to David that his kingdom will endure forever before the Lord and that his throne would be established forever, a complete contrast to Saul whom the Lord rejected and his kingdom ended in death. David was truly the Lord’s King, the one through whom God would bring about his plans and purposes for the world. The one through whom God would fix the problem of sin and bring people back into a relationship with God the loving King.

When the book of 2 Samuel begins, we’re waiting for David to take his rightful place on the throne, but it doesn’t happen until 2 Samuel 5. In 2 Samuel 5, David finally becomes king over the whole of Israel (vv.1-5), he conquers Jerusalem and calls it the City of David (vv.6-16) and he defeats the Philistines (vv.17-25). Thus, we read in 2 Samuel 7:1 God gives rest to David from all his enemies. Plus, when David brings the ark of the covenant to Jerusalem in 2 Samuel 6, for the first time ever in Israel’s history, we see God’s people, in God’s place, living under his rule. Now in 2 Samuel 7, God’s promises to Abraham & his offspring focus in on David and his offspring.

David desires to build God a ‘house’ to dwell in, but God does not need a ‘house’ to dwell in (vv.5-7). He promises to make David’s name and to protect His people and give them a home (vv.9-11), but instead of David building a ‘house’ for God, God promised to build a ‘house’ or dynasty for David (v.11b). The House of David would be established forever. David’s kingdom will be a forever kingdom and one of his offspring would be the forever king (vv.12-16).

These great promises to David are both short term and long term. In the short term, David would have a son Solomon, who would rule after him and build the temple – not a place to ‘house’ God, but a central place for God’s people to worship Him. In the long term, David’s throne would be established forever through the Lord Jesus Christ, descended from David (Matt 1:1) and Son of God (Matt 3:17), who came to rule and save His people.  David’s response to these promises was to pray. He expressed humility, then praised God, and then he acknowledged God’s power to bring these promises to fulfilment (vv.18-29), which ultimately reached their complete fulfilment in Christ Jesus.


The children will know that David is God’s chosen king, chosen by God for God.

The children will understand that David’s kingdom would be a forever kingdom and one of his offspring would be the forever king. The children will give thanks to God for Jesus, who is the forever King descended from David, who came to fix the problem of death and sin.


My God is so Big (Colin Buchanan – Remember the Lord)

Memory Verse

He said, “I am the Lord, the Lord. I am the God who is tender and kind. I am gracious.

I am slow to get angry. I am faithful and full of love….

But I do not let guilty people go unpunished.


Exodus 34:6-7

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