Term 1 – Week 6

Big Idea – Jesus is the powerful son of God

John 5 v1-15

Lesson Background

In John’s gospel, this is the 4th sign (miracle). It’s the second year of Jesus’ public ministry. 

In Jesus’ day the Sheep Gate was a small opening in the north wall of the temple. The sheep were washed in the pool before being taken into the sanctuary.  

The alleged healing powers of the Pool of Bethesda would have been superstition and not approved by official Judaism, though they looked the other way as many sick and disabled gathered around the pool regularly.  Healing shrines were characteristic of pagan cults. 



Belief – Children will understand that Jesus healed the lame man by the pool.  


Hello Song (Emu music)

Jesus is no 1. (Colin Super Saviour CD)

Memory Verse

‘Jesus was declared to be the Son of God with power by his resurrection from the dead.’

Romans 1v4 

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