Part 1 |

  1. Our sins are forgiven fully
  2. Our bodies will be raised physically
  3. Eternal life will be with God perfectly


  1. How much does the forgiveness of sins shape the way we talk and act towards each other? 
  2. Do you think much about the future God has promised?

Part 2 |

  1. My past doesn’t define me
  2. My body will be perfect
  3. My greatest good is life with God 


Romans 8

  1. Read v1-3. Why exactly can we have confidence that our sins truly are forgiven? 
  2. Read v18-25. When and how can we expect our bodies to be perfect? How then should we live and encourage one another now?
  3. Read v28-40. How do v28-30 assure us that life with Christ really is the best thing and completely secure? What different barriers in our minds or experiences are overcome in v31-39?
  4. Can you think of one or two practical ways as a group we can help one another enjoy the blessings of: 
    • Forgiveness of sins?
    • Perfect bodies to come?
    • Life with God forever?
  5. Are there one or two key lessons you would like to take away from this session or series as a whole? As you turn to prayer, think how to make sure we don’t lose or forget these. 

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Santhosh Thomas

Santhosh is one of our pastors, with special responsibility for overseeing our small groups and various teaching and discipleship programmes. Born and raised in London, he has previously worked in churches in Oxford and Central London. He’s married to Jess and along with their three young children they enjoy sport, swings and meeting new people!

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