Part 1 |

The Church is:

  1. ONE
  2. HOLY


  1. What do you make of these 4 ‘marks’ of the church?
  2. Which do we find most challenging or easy to neglect?

Part 2 |

We are called to:

  1. BELONG to the church
  2. UNITY in the church
  3. HOLINESS in the church


Read Eph 4:1-6

  1. In what ways does this passage emphasise the unity of the church? (Why does the context of Eph 3:16-21 make this even more amazing?)
  2. In practice how might our relationships look different if we took v2-3 to heart?
  3. Are we too individualistic in our approach to the Christian life? What might be the danger signs of this?
  4. Looking at v17-24, what do you notice about the call to holiness in the church? Is there a particular way in which we feel the challenge of this as a group?
  5. What one practical thing can we do this week in response to what we’ve heard? Turn this to prayer.

More about the author :

Santhosh Thomas

Santhosh is one of our pastors, with special responsibility for overseeing our small groups and various teaching and discipleship programmes. Born and raised in London, he has previously worked in churches in Oxford and Central London. He’s married to Jess and along with their three young children they enjoy sport, swings and meeting new people!

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