Our families are currently going through a series on ‘The Wonder of Prayer’. To help remind themselves of what we have learnt and to aid them as they pray we have made some ‘prayer cards’, which summarise what we have learnt so far into accessible prayer cards that families can use together.

We have split them up into two levels of reading ability that you can choose to suit your children. Download and print as ‘multiple per page’ – we recommend printing 6 per page – and then cut them out and use as you please. Or you can just download and use from your phone / tablet!

Tash has also written some extras as examples of the different types of prayer – petition, thanksgiving, praise, confession.

Part 1 includes the first half of the term as we considered the questions ‘to whom do we pray?’ and ‘why do we pray?’

Part 2 includes the second half of the term as we considered the question ‘what do we pray?’ and focused on the Lord’s Prayer in Matthew 5

Credit goes to https://youthworks.net/kidspray for inspiring this idea!

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