Heroes Holiday Club – 14th- 19th Feb 2012
We trained, we sweated, we ran and we re-hydrated.

More than 130 children each day trained for the London 2012 Olympics. Their guides for the week were Bill and Ted, our intrepid outsized school boys, who despite stupidity, laziness and ignorance, managed to discover the truth of Matthew’s Gospel.

On Day One, we learnt from Matthew 7:13,14 that Jesus offers a narrow to Life forever. Don’t go with the crowd, don’t go the easy way. Jesus’ way may be harder to find and more gruelling but just like training and competing for the Olympics- nothing worthwhile is achieved without a little difficulty and dedication.

On Day Two, we learnt from Matthew 9:1-8 that although each of us can list a number of problems in our lives in some detail, Jesus pinpoints that our greatest need is forgiveness. Nothing else compares. Just as we may look at Top Athletes and see their cool kit; that’s not what makes the difference. Their secret to their success is what the crowds can’t see- their long hours spent training with the right coach.

On Day Three King Jesus entered Jerusalem, in Matthew 21: 1-11. Just like an Opening Ceremony; The crowds cheered, they waved, they sang chants to their hero and they even threw clothes. But why the donkey? Because this King comes in peace; the one promised form long ago who would bring comfort and joy, instead of war and tyranny. Just like some athletes, they don’t look so impressive, until you see them in action!

On Day Four came the shock in Matthew 27: 11-26. Like a terrible referee, Governor Pilate showed Jesus the Red Card when He had done nothing wrong. Like the best competitors, Jesus didn’t argue, he didn’t answer back, he didn’t respond to the opposition crowd and he didn’t start a fight with the convicted criminal who seemed to get off lightly. He walked to his death, knowing exactly what he was doing.

Finally, on Sunday, came the relief, in Matthew 28: 16-20, the risen Jesus reassured his followers that He would never leave them. In fact going with them, as they told everyone about him, they would know that the Holy Spirit had the power to change lives, just as theirs had been. The Closing Ceremony might have finished, but the Champion of Champions continues to be unbeaten. Run the race with Him.

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