‘In this new series on Prayer, we are going to be thinking about:
What is prayer? Who do we pray to? When can we pray?
Why should we pray? What can we pray? How did Jesus teach us to pray?

As always we will turn to the bible, God’s living word, to seek answers to these questions and to listen humbly to what God teaches us.’

Week 1 – Introduction to Prayer

‘Prayer is the amazing privilege of talking to our Father God as we respond to his living Word.’

Week 2 – Why Pray…? Dependence!

‘In today’s study we are going to see that we depend on God for physical and spiritual life, and that praying recognises and expresses our dependence on God!’

Week 3 – Why Pray…? Because God hears our prayers!

‘In today’s study we will find that God hears our prayers, and wonderfully he is willing and able to act upon them! This should motivate us to pray to our Heavenly Father with confidence!’

Week 4 – Our Father in Heaven…

‘So far in our series on Prayer we’ve said that we SHOULD pray because:
1) we depend on God for everything and 2) because God hears our prayers and is willing and able to answer them.
We are now thinking about what to pray, by spending the next 5 weeks looking at the prayer that Jesus taught his disciples to pray: The Lord’s Prayer!’

Week 5 – Your Kingdom Come

‘When we pray ‘your kingdom come’ we are also praying for the end of this world and that the kingdom of heaven would finally fully arrive…’

Week 6 – Give us today our daily bread…

‘We now pray for our daily bread, exercising our trust in God’s provision, and asking for Christ’s sustaining life:

Week 7 – Forgive us our debts….

‘We now turn from provision to pardon, as we ask God to forgive our sins

Week 8 – Lead us not into temptation…

‘The foundation of the Lord’s Prayer is that because of Jesus, Almighty God is now our Father. We pray for his honour, his kingdom, and his will to be done, before requesting his provision (daily bread) and his pardon (forgiveness of sin). The prayer finishes by asking for his protection – that he would lead us in the way of righteousness, keeping us safe from Satan until we’re home with him…’

More about the author :

Pete Teeuwen-Greene

Pete is our Youth Worker, partnering with families to help disciple and evangelise secondary school aged young people. His prayer is that new generations of disciple-making-disciples would be raised up to love and live for Jesus for the rest of their lives! He also leads the Support ministry in our WITNESS structure, working to see people from all nations reached with the good news of the gospel.

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