Wisdom in Humility

Passage : James 4:1-12

If you missed our evening service on Sunday, you can catch up on this recording!
Tom Heasman teaches from James 4:1-12 as we consider Sin, Repentance and Grace.

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Reflection questions:

  • In what ways has this passage challenged us over sin?
  • Consider v9 – do we take sin seriously? If not, why do you think that is?
  • Reflect on the precious promises of this passage (v6, v8, v10). In what way do they provide a comfort to us as we come before God in repentance?

More about the author :

Tom Heasman

Tom is one of our pastors, with particular responsibility for overseeing our evangelism strategy and ministries. He thinks it's the best job in the world: telling people the good news about Jesus, and helping to equip others for that task. He’s married to Josie, and they have two young daughters, who are trying to convert him from watching sport to watching ballet…with little success.

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