Week 1 – Overview and Introduction

‘Today we will read the whole letter so that we can get an overview of the big picture – reading the whole thing in one go gives a chance to notice big themes, words that are repeated or emphasised, get a feel for the structure and the way the letter fits together. In the upcoming weeks we’ll work through the letter section by section and hear God’s word to us. So without further ado, let’s get going!’

Week 2 – Godliness in the Church

‘Last week we did an overview of the whole book, and found that the introduction tees up some big themes from this letter: ‘the knowledge of the truth that leads to godliness’ and ‘the hope of eternal life’ through ‘God / Christ Jesus our Saviour’. This is a letter about salvation and godly living! Our section today is about Godliness in the Church.’

Week 3 – Godliness in the Home

‘Titus is about the ‘knowledge of the truth that leads to godliness’. Last week we saw Paul’s instruction to Titus to appoint godly elders (who can model godly living and manage the church) BECAUSE there are ungodly false teachers corrupting the church (who are unfit for doing anything good and need silencing)! Godliness in the church is vital (otherwise whole households are ruined!) and today we learn about the call for godliness in the home…’

Week 4 – Godliness in Public Life

‘Each chapter in Titus is divided in 2 parts with: A command FOR a reason:
Chapter 1 – appoint godly elders BECAUSE there are corrupt false teachers to silence!
Chapter 2 – teach godliness in the home BECAUSE Jesus died to save himself a godly people!
Chapter 3 – remind people to be godly in public life BECAUSE they’ve been saved and reborn!’

Week 5 – Concluding Titus

‘One of the key themes of this letter is ‘the knowledge of the truth that leads to godliness’. Our knowledge about Jesus, and the gospel, isn’t supposed to get stuck when it reaches our head… it is supposed to affect what we believe and the way we live.’

More about the author :

Pete Teeuwen-Greene

Pete is our Youth Worker, partnering with families to help disciple and evangelise secondary school aged young people. His prayer is that new generations of disciple-making-disciples would be raised up to love and live for Jesus for the rest of their lives! He also leads the Support ministry in our WITNESS structure, working to see people from all nations reached with the good news of the gospel.

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