The Hour

Passage : John 12:20-36

If you missed our daytime services today, you can catch up on this recording!
Santhosh teaches from John 12:20 – 36 in our “A Better Life” series from John’s gospel account.

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Sermon Reflection Questions 

1) How does this passage encourage us in the face of COVID-19? 

2) How specifically might we embrace the ‘way of the cross’ during this season? (v24-26)

3) What would it look like to share Jesus’ urgency? (v35-36)

More about the author :

Santhosh Thomas

Santhosh Thomas

Santhosh is one of our pastors, with special responsibility for overseeing our small groups and various teaching and discipleship programmes. Born and raised in London, he has previously worked in churches in Oxford and Central London. He’s married to Jess and along with their two young children they enjoy sport, swings and meeting new people!