Been told things about Jesus,
but not 100% what it’s all about or if it’s true?

Luke writes his ‘orderly account’ so that we can know with certainty that Jesus is truly the Son of God,
dying to save the world and rising to rule his kingdom forever.

Follow this series to see the final weeks of Jesus’ life, and the dramatic events leading to his return to heaven…

Week 1 – Luke’s ‘orderly account’!

As I just said in the video – this term we are going to be looking
at the bit of the bible written by a man called Luke. Unfortunately he doesn’t have Instagram,
so to find out a bit more about him we’re gonna need to do some research.

Week 2 – The King arrives in Jerusalem!

In our studies we’re focussing on the final weeks of Jesus’ life on earth, and his arrival into Jerusalem marks the beginning of the end. Why come to Jerusalem knowing what’s in store? Why ride in on a donkey?

Week 3 – The Lord’s Supper

Jesus and his disciples gather for what is known as the Last Supper.
Why does Jesus say he has been eager to share this Passover meal with his disciples? Why don’t Christians celebrate the Passover anymore?? Do this study first, then watch the talk below.

Week 4 – The Faithful Saviour

This week James Williams helps us see the heart of Jesus as our faithful saviour prays.
Read Luke 22:31-46, then listen to the talk, then work through the study.

Week 5 – When Darkness Reigns!

Prayer time at the Mount of Olives is interrupted when Judas arrives with an armed crowd. Head on the study first, then listen to the talk, to think through what this passage teaches us about our faith.

Week 6 – God’s King on trial!

Jesus’ identity claims and his teaching are appalling and unpalatable for the religious leaders, and they are determined to get rid of him. Read on to see how the trial of Jesus progresses…

Week 7 – Save yourself, and us!

Is Jesus really God’s Messiah? The King of the Jews? Then why doesn’t he save himself?! Because Jesus refuses to save himself, and through a dying criminal, we’re encouraged that we too can be saved!

Week 8 – Dead & Buried!

Jesus breathes his last breath. The sun stops shining, the curtain is torn in two, Jesus gasps his final words… what does it all mean? What are the implications for you & me?

Week 9 – Risen!

As Jesus lay in the tomb after his public crucifixion, it looked like any hope in him had been misplaced. But then the women return from the tomb with an alarming, report… could he really be RISEN?!

Week 10 – Fulfilment!

The scriptures are fulfilled! Jesus has completed his mission, and now the Apostles take up their mission, proclaiming the good news of the Messiah and repentance for the forgiveness of sins!

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Pete Teeuwen-Greene

Pete is our Youth Worker, partnering with families to help disciple and evangelise secondary school aged young people. His prayer is that new generations of disciple-making-disciples would be raised up to love and live for Jesus for the rest of their lives! He also leads the Support ministry in our WITNESS structure, working to see people from all nations reached with the good news of the gospel.

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