Living Under Lockdown 3 – Nothing Can Separate Us From The Love Of God

Passage : Romans 8:31-39

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Richard Coekin teaches from Romans 8:31-39, helping us consider God’s love.

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Reflection questions:

  • Because of God’s saving work achieved through his son Jesus, we don’t need to feel afraid, accused, neglected or forgotten. Reflect on each of these reasons in vs 31-34- which encourages you the most at the moment?
  • When is it that you most doubt God’s love? How do verses 35-39 help us with our doubt?
  • How can we practically encourage each other to “look at his hands” this week?

More about the author :

Richard Coekin

Richard is married to Sian and they have five grown-up Children and a dog called Hudson. He is the Senior Pastor of Dundonald Church and CEO of Co-Mission Church planting initiative in London and has a Bible teaching ministry in parliament. He is the author of several books most recently, Ephesians for You, the reluctant Evangelist, Faith for Life and has a Bible Ministry in Parliament. He is passionate about Jesus Christ, rugby, ski-ing, and the moment when Julia Roberts says “indefinitely” in the film Notting Hill (in that order).

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