Living under lockdown (2) – God has a beautiful purpose for us in our sufferings

Passage : Romans 8:26-30

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Richard Coekin teaches from Romans 8:26-30 looking at how the scream of our world is a groaning for glory

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Reflection questions:

  • Reflect on harder times in your life or in the lives of others close to you – in what ways can you see that God was using the experience, although painful, for your/their good – how did it help you/them become more like Jesus?
  • How does the certain hope that we shall one day be with Jesus in glory shape our view of our present suffering?
  • How do these truths help us to encourage others who are going through difficult times?

More about the author :

Richard Coekin

Richard Coekin

Richard is a renowned Bible teacher and has been involved in launching numerous churches and other ministries, such as the London Mens’ and Womens’ Conventions, the 9:38 Ministry Training Strategy, the Passion for Life mission, and The Planting Collective. He is also involved in a Bible ministry to Members of Parliament in Westminster. Richard is the author of several books including Our Father, Ephesians for You and Gospel DNA.

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