Week 1 – Previously in ‘THE BIBLE’…!

‘before we launch in to reading Joshua together (the 6th book of the bible) we need to understand what has already happened –it’s like trying to start a TV show at season 6?! What happened in seasons 1-5?? Who are the main characters? What relationships exist? What promises have been made? So let’s start this term and this series with a flying re-cap!’

Week 2 – Strong and Courageous

‘Last time we learnt from Seasons 1-5 (Genesis – Deuteronomy) that the LORD is a covenant making God, wanting his people to obey his word when they take the promised land, and not to join the false worship of those currently running wild in the land…
This time we find God continuing to be faithful to his promises and present with his people, with a call to trust his word!’

Week 3 – Spying the land!

After the death of Moses, God’s people must put their trust in God’s word and his covenant promises, needing courage to face the future and faith to obey his commands. God’s people are fully behind God’s leader (Joshua) but they don’t know exactly how it is going to play out…
This time the LORD’s reputation precedes him, and an unlikely person is shown grace and mercy..!  

Week 4 – Entering the land!

The story so far…

Chapter 1 – God long promised his people his kingdom, and now with faith in God’s leader (Joshua), and faith in God’s promises, Israel are ready to trust, obey, and conquer the promised land!

Chapter 2 – Spies were sent to prepare for the advance of Israel’s kingdom, and Rahab was shown mercy because she put her faith in the LORD, the God of heaven and earth – All are welcome in God’s kingdom! 

This time: God does an amazing miracle as Joshua leads Israel into the land God promised!

Week 5 – Renewing the Covenant!

Last time: Joshua led Israel into the promised land, as the LORD miraculously dried the River Jordan for them to cross. We understood that it points forward to Jesus who leads us into God’s eternal kingdom and the ultimate ‘promised land’ (the new Creation).

This time: The kings of the land are melting in fear, but God pauses the conquest to renew the covenant with his people…

Week 6 – Ridiculous Faith!

Last time: Israel were circumcised out of obedience to the covenant, and enjoyed the blessings of celebrating the Passover and eating the produce of Canaan. The shame and wanderings since Egypt are over, and it’s time to conquer the promised land!

This time: God proves that he can be trusted even when obedience seems ridiculous!

Week 7 – Blessings or curses?!

The story so far: God made a covenant with Israel – He promised his people his presence and his blessings in the promised land, if they were faithful to him and the covenant by obeying his word. 

This time: God judges unfaithful disobedience and blesses faithful obedience!

Week 8 – A Devious Deception!

Last time: We discovered that God’s blessing comes by faithful obedience to his word, and that unfaithful disobedience brings God’s judgement. Wonderfully Jesus perfectly obeyed God from beginning to end and through faith in him we have the blessing of God’s presence, rule and favour!

This time: God takes deception and foolishness and brings about deliverance and favour!

Week 9 – YHWH fights for Israel!

Last time: Satan tried to thwart God’s plans through the Gibeonite deception, and God’s people foolishly trusted their own judgement – but God brought about good by bringing the Gibeonites into his service because God’s grace is unstoppable!

This time: God is sovereign, unstoppable, and rebels stand no chance!

Week 10 – Understanding & Applying Joshua!

Last time:
God displayed his power and righteous judgement as Joshua triumphed over the wicked Canaanite nations, and we praised Jesus for his judgement and victory over sin and Satan. 

This time: An even BIGGER army opposes God, and we’ll take stock of what’s happened in Joshua so far, thinking carefully about how to understand and apply this book of the bible.

Week 11 – The LORD is God!

Last time: We concluded the first half of the book of Joshua, which was all about Israel’s successful conquest of the promised land ever since crossing the River Jordan and defeating Jericho until now.    

This time: The remaining land is allocated to the tribes of Israel, and a dramatic misunderstanding has a wonderful conclusion!

Week 12 – Love the LORD your God!

Last time: The Eastern tribes headed home across the River Jordan, setting up an altar as a witness that the LORD is God and they were united with all Israel by this!    

This time: Joshua, now an old man, calls on Israel to continue to love the LORD their God after he’s gone. 

Week 13 – The Inescapable Choice!

Last time: Joshua urged Israel to continue following the LORD by obeying his word and keeping the privileges of being his covenant people!     

This time: The book closes with God’s faithfulness and grace on full display, and the inescapable choice facing Israel: who will you serve?! Will you follow the LORD God, or will you follow other ‘gods’?   

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