Flesh to eat!

Passage : John 6:41-71

Imagine being so blind, as to miss out on the most wonderful provision ever offered!

In John 6, Jesus announces himself to be the bread of life. More than anything else, we need him for life, spiritual life, the life of eternity. Yet people refuse to see Jesus as he really is, and they won’t come to him for what he offers. For some Jesus’ teaching is too hard. For others, he doesn’t seem like the kind of God they were looking for.

And yet Jesus is clear, anyone who believes in him, and his death in our place, can be forgiven and receive life!

Talk Outline

Flesh to Eat! John 6:41 – 71

How could you possibly miss out?

Objection 1 – “Jesus can’t be from God” (v 41 – 51)

Answer: Salvation depends on Jesus being sent by his Father

Objection 2 – “We can’t eat Jesus” (v 48 –  59)

Answer: To eat is to believe

For some, Jesus’ teaching is too hard  (v 60 – 71)

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