Dundonald Supper Club Week

In November we’re going to be taking a week off from our normal small group programme to run ‘Supper Club Week’.

What’s that?

Well… instead of your small group that week, you’ve got space in the diary to invite a colleague or neighbour or long-time friend over for some food – but more than that, because we’re going to provide a few short films on themes like justice and freedom and satisfaction which you can choose from to watch with your friend, with a few suggested questions you can then use for a discussion over food.  

All of this will be explained further in Growth Groups in the coming weeks. It’s not meant to be complicated or another thing to organise – but hopefully a great chance to clear some space in the normal programme to invest in relationships with our non-Christian friends!

In a season where we can’t run big events for guests, wouldn’t it be great if there were lots of small gatherings in our homes – inviting a friend over for some foodwatching a short film together, and beginning a gospel discussion

So that’s week commencing 9 November – be thinking now who you might like to invite round for some food, and a chance to begin a conversation about Jesus!