It was such a joy to see and teach the Kids & Youth face to face this summer term after being online for so long. The COVID restrictions presented many challenges but we’re so thankful to God for the small group of K&Y leaders who served our families, and for the encouragement we all received as we learnt from the bible, sang and fellowshipped with one another face to face. Bring on September when we’re in the new building and back in our normal groups.

But what provisions will there be for your children over the summer? For the six Sundays over summer, including the 25th July and all the Sundays in August:

  1. There will be a supervised Mini Movers program for those aged 6 months-3 years. They will be meeting in one half of the dining hall. 
  2. A video will be shown in the sports hall for children aged 3 – 8 years (those who are normally in Shakers, Packers & Stackers). No supervision will be provided, so the children in this age group will need an adult with them the whole time.
  3. Forklifts (age 9-11yrs) will remain in the service with their parents and will be given a sermon outline to help them listen along with the adults. 
  4. Pathfinders (11-14yrs) will also remain in the service.

We hope you have a wonderful summer and we look forward to the new season in the new building. 

Much Love,

Barnaby, Pete & Natasha

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