Most of us will have extra time to relax over the summer & reading is one of the most popular things to do on holiday. While you’re lying on the beach in the sun (or sitting on the pier in the rain) why not read a Christian book that will edify and encourage you in your walk with God?

Perhaps you could choose a book with a friend and then meet up at the end of the holidays to discuss what you’ve read. Here’s what we’re recommending this summer. All the books are available on the Dundonald bookstall at special discounted prices.

A book about surviving and thriving when something goes wrong. Andrew and Rachel write about their experience of how life sometimes throws you a curved ball which you never expected. Breathtakingly honest about their grief, worship, struggle and hope, this book will help anyone who is finding life not turning out as they had planned it.

‘A blessing to all who read it’ – Andrew Nicholls

‘Utterly brilliant. It will help you fight for joy during the difficult times and help you trust in our awesome and good God’ – Tom Beard

Dundonald’s special price: £6

In this short book, Kirsten Birkett brings to us the essence of the Reformation—the social and religious soil in which it grew, the events and people which shaped it, the ideas and doctrines for which many of them died.

Dundonald’s special price: £5

Clear, incisive and accessible, Michael Reeves and Tim Chester show how the Reformation helps us answer questions like: How do we know what is true? Can we truly know God? How does God speak? What is wrong with us? How can we be saved? Who am I?

Dundonald’s special price: £6

Let Calvin, Luther, Bullinger and Cranmer sit alongside you as you open up your Bible day by day. The writings of these Reformers have been edited, and in parts translated, by Dr Lee Gatiss. Each day includes helpful questions and prompts to apply the Reformers’ insights to your life and bring the Reformation to life in your own devotional walk with God.

Dundonald’s special price: £8

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