Term 2 – Week 5

Big Idea – Enter the narrow door before time runs out and you miss the kingdom!

Luke 13:22-30




We remain in the travel narrative that began in Luke 9:51. We see that from the beginning as Luke tells us at he is ‘on his way to Jerusalem.’ We are reminded again that everything Jesus is teaching is done with the reference point of his death and resurrection in Jerusalem, the culmination of his ministry. As we learn more Jesus about the kingdom of God, we know Jesus has one eye on Jerusalem.

Lots of the teaching in this section is in response to questions and reactions of those around. Here is no different, as we have a specific and seemingly removed teaching block from verse 22. An anonymous asker poses a question to Jesus – their anonymity showing that it is the nature of the question and not the questioner that is the key. Jesus, as ever, responds by addressing the heart issue behind the theoretical question. He responds not by answering the problem of number but the problem of time. He turns the impersonal question ‘people’ to a personal command to enter this narrow door.

What is the narrow door? It is the figurative door to eternal life, to the kingdom of God (v28). It is narrow because there is a specific way to enter, not an open door policy for anyone. This is offensively exclusive. Only those who follow a specific narrow way will be saved. Even those who are ‘trying’ won’t get in unless they enter this specific route. What is this route? Verse 27 implies that the key is to know the owner of the house. Hard work is not enough (verse 24); association is not enough either (v26-27) – knowing God is the way. This parable implies that the owner is Jesus, with the reference of eating and drinking. Knowing the incarnate Jesus is the entry ticket.

This passage gives a bleak warning – those who do not know Jesus will experience the torment of weeping and gnashing of teeth, gazing upon those who have passed through the door into the kingdom of God, with the ancestors and prophets. The original question is finally addressed in part at the every end, people from all four compass points, from all around the globe, will take their places (note the sense of prepared election) at the feast (a rich Old Testament promise of heaven). The last verse rings familiar with other similar sayings of Jesus of the last first and the first last. In context here it seems to refer to the globality of the kingdom of God – those who are first, who have heard the message first, will be last, yet people from the other side of the world will take their place.

The door will shut, so instead of preoccupation with numbers (as some misguided teachings bother with), make sure you have entered the narrow door by knowledge of Christ!

Memory Verse

‘my eyes have seen your salvation,
which you have prepared in the sight of all nations,
a light for revelation to the Gentiles,
and the glory of your people Israel’

Luke 2:30-32


I’m following the King – EMU Music

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