Term 1 – Week 7

Big Idea – The LORD was fighting with Israel to give them the land.

Joshua 10(v14); 24(v17-18)




When Moses was the leader of Israel, God gave his people instructions about entering the promised land. Among these instructions was the command to drive out the nations living in the land of Canaan (See Deut. 7). These nations were corrupt, and God would judge them for their sin (Lev. 18).

In the first battle, Israel marched around Jericho and the Lord gave them the city. As Israel moved to take the rest of the land, God pledged His presence to Joshua and reminded Israel of what He required: If you want to be successful in the land, you must obey my commands (Josh. 1:7). The Israelites learned from experience that disobedience to God would result in certain defeat, as Achan’s sin brought about their downfall during the battle of Ai (Josh. 7).

During the battles the Israelites faced In Canaan, Joshua (whose name means “The LORD saves”) was not in charge; God was. God determined whom Israel battles and how Israel would win. Joshua 10-11 describes Israel’s’ defeat of five kings who attacked Gibeon, an ally of Israel. Miraculously, God send hailstones and stopped the sun, He gave Israel the victory. God was with Israel as they conquered the rest of the land. Then he gave his people years of peace and rest.

The bigger picture beyond Israel’s individual battles against the Canaanites is that God is keeping his promises to give His people the land. God answered the prayers of His people. He fought for Joshua and the Israelites, saving them and giving them victory over their enemies. God was glorified when His people loved and obeyed him.

God is glorified today in the same way when we step out in love and obedience to Him. As sinners we look to God for victory over sin and death, looking to the ultimate victory in the cross and resurrection of Christ.

‘The LORD himself goes before you
 and will be with you; 
he will never leave you nor forsake you. 
Do not be afraid; do not be discouraged.”


God’s people in God’s place – Awesome Cutlery

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