The Dundonald Church “Songs for Pre-schoolers” Music Album

I am hugely excited that this new album is going to make a big difference to our Movers (2 year olds) and Shakers (3-4 year olds) classes. Let me explain how we got here and what we’re hoping for.

How we got here.
What we’re hoping for.

Two year olds love routine; it makes them feel safe. They love singing because they want to be involved. They love doing actions because some have far too much energy. Two year olds are not easy to herd for Bible time, but singing songs they know prompts them to herd themselves, so sitting them down for Bible time is less of an ordeal. Our CD has 8 songs on it for 2 year olds mostly taken from Emu’s “J is for Jesus” and “A very very very big God”. They will work through these 8 songs, in order, every week (hopefully).

Three and four year olds don’t need such a rigid routine. We’ve got 9 songs on the CD for them. Leaders can pick and choose each week, perhaps according to what they’re teaching. Over time the children will learn these songs, and enjoy singing them more and more.

We’ve put 7 songs on the CD for crèche. That’s the next step. We can start to introduce routine, singing and a Bible time to crèche. There is plenty of work still to do.
At home, when every Church family with pre-schoolers has a CD, there will be the wonderful sound of little ones singing praise to their God. I think some parents will be surprised how many lines their little ones can memorise. I know how astonished we all are when we hear our bonkers children sing solid, edifying truth back to us.

Perhaps one day, a CD distributor will wonder whether there is money to be made in producing a CD like ours, that every Church family can be encouraged to buy (for perhaps a fiver) so that their children can sing these songs where ever they go, as well as in Church on a Sunday.

At the moment, we’re just making a start.

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