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Often, evangelistic methods involve only “on the spot” presentations, and they can be impersonal. They can simply allow us to check a box to appease our guilt, and then move on. But when you’re reaching out to people you see regularly, it requires genuine love, faithfulness and perseverance. You need to do the necessary pre-evangelism, answer questions, slowly and gradually watch defenses go down, and hopefully—by God’s grace—see your friend, family member, co-worker, or neighbor declare, “Jesus is Lord.”  


Bible study 

Read 1 Peter 3 v 13-17  

  1. Why do you think honouring and revering Christ (v 15) makes it easier to avoid fearing others (v 14)?  
  1. What results should there be from doing good (v 13, 14, 16)?  
  1. As we engage with others, why is it important both to articulate a reason for our hope and to speak with gentleness and respect, as verse 15 directs us to?  
  1. Do unbelievers see us as having a hope they don’t have? How would you explain the reason for it if asked?  
  1. What does it look like to speak with “gentleness and respect”? In what kinds of relationships is doing so particularly easy or particularly challenging? How can we help one another to grow in this area?  
  1. In what ways are you currently pursuing obedience to the call to make disciples (Matthew 28 v 19) individually, as a group, and as a whole church? How could we be most effective as witnesses to our particular community? 



Loving Heavenly Father, 
We want to be a church that loves you, loves each other and loves our neighbour. Please help us to witness to you with our whole lives – loving others practically and as we hold out the wonderful hope we have in the gospel. Please help us to do this individually and together as a body. 

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