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In a church which is blessed by having faithful pastors who are attempting to serve under Christ in a way that honours him and builds up the body, there are many helpful ways to respond to their leadership biblically as well as to encourage them.

Note: This study assumes those who lead are serving under Christ in a way that builds up the body (albeit with their own weaknesses). If anyone in the group is experiencing or has experienced ungodly leadership, please encourage them to speak up and contact one of the following:


Bible study

Read 1 Peter 5 v 1-5

  1. What dangers does Peter want his readers to avoid—both elders and other members of the church?
  2. What is the purpose of elders and pastors seeking to lead in the way Peter instructs?
  3. What is the purpose of church members being “subject to the elders”?



Loving Heavenly Father, thank you for Jesus who is the perfect servant-hearted leader whose gentle and lowly heart shepherds us with kindness, care and compassion. Please would you work in the hearts of our leaders at Dundonald to make them ever more Christ-like. And please would all of us respect, love, honour and care for our leaders so that their work might be a joy, for our good and for your glory.

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