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Followers of Christ are not spectators in the church, but servants in the church. You need to be in a local church to be strengthened by the gifts of others, and you need to be in a local church because others need to be built up by your gifts! Remember as we think about this that it isn’t necessarily about having lots to give in worldly terms. The poor widow in the Gospels was commended by Jesus for putting two very small copper coins (worth only a few pence) into the temple treasury. You may feel you have just two copper coins to give but we are called to honour Jesus with what we have, whether it is much or little. Our currency may be different but out purpose is the same – to worship the One who has given us everything. 


Bible study 

Read Romans 12 v 1-21  

  1. What does whole-life worship look like, and what motivates it (v 1-2)?  
  1. How should we see our own identity (v 5)? How does this help us to serve well?  
  1. Verses 9-21 contain some challenging instructions. Why is doing these things hard? What difference can they make (v 21)?  



Father, as we dwell on the wonder of your love shown for us at the Cross, would we gladly surrender our souls, our lives, our all to you in lives of worship and service, whatever our situation or season of life and, as we do that together, would each part of the body build the church for Your glory. 

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