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The church is more than a building you visit and more than an event you attend. However, this doesn’t mean that gathering together for corporate worship is unimportant. What we do in our corporate gatherings is central for our growth in godliness, in building one another up, and it’s an important way in which we commend the gospel to unbelievers as we worship God together.  


Bible study 

Read Hebrews 12 v 18-29  

  1. The author of Hebrews is comparing the moment when the Israelites gathered at Mount Sinai (v 18-21) to the state of affairs now (v 22-24). What’s different and why? How does this serve as a motivation to gather as a church?  
  1. The description of verses 22-24 is in one sense looking to the future gathering of all God’s people in heaven. But it’s also describing something of what happens in our gatherings now. Who are we gathering with? How should that impact the way we think about our Sunday meetings?  
  1. Why is it so urgent to listen to God’s voice and to worship him together (v 25-29)?  


Action Points 


There is nothing in the world like the gathering of your church together.  
Thank you for the gift of your church. Thank you that you designed it to edify us and draw us near to Jesus and to exalt His name. 
Please may it lead to our good, our neighbour’s good and ultimately to Your glory. 
Please help us experience your great design for the gathering of your people, especially as we’re tempted in so many ways to diminish or even disregard meeting together. 
Please work in us by Your Spirit that we might be able to confidently declare that in the joyful worship of Jesus, our church gatherings, unspectacular though they may look in the eyes of the world, “There is nothing greater”. 
Help us see gathering together as a privilege, priority, and a delight. 

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