Whether we are new Christians or mature, we all have areas of our lives that need transforming. Some of us lean toward anger or anxiety – others to addictions or discontent but the good news is that God is not planning to leave us that way! As Paul reminds us, he is going to bring to completion the good work he has already begun in us (Philippians 1:6). But how does this process of change work? Real Change is a course for anyone who wants to find out how the gospel changes us from the inside out, anyone who wants to take a look at what is going on in his or her heart and grow to be more like Christ – and anyone who is keen to learn how to support others as we all change together!

The course will be running on Zoom over 5 Tuesday evenings from January 12th – February 9th (plus there will be a video to engage with in the fortnight that follows) – and it’s important to be at every session, unless an emergency hits. Each week we will be looking at Scripture, applying that Scripture to our hearts and, in pairs, intentionally working on one aspect of our lives – an exciting change project! Between sessions there will be some homework to do – reflecting on passages of Scripture and reflecting on your life.

Of course, no-one will be perfect at the end of this course! But we hope and pray it will give each of us a framework for changing to be more like Christ and continue doing so for the rest of our lives. If you have any questions please contact Santhosh Thomas (santhosh.thomas(at)dundonald.org) or Helen Thorne (careteam(at)dundonald.org). We look forward to walking alongside you as you experience Real Change!