Two podcasts in a series from CCEF examining both the physical and spiritual aspects of addictions. The first podcast examines the roots of addictions and how to identify and define them, while the second moves on to how to offer practical care in both formal and informal settings.

Part 1

“I knew that tackling the topic of addictions was not going to be quick and easy. I didn’t anticipate just how much Mike Emlet and I would get talking about addictions in a way that did not lend itself to an easy close. So today’s episode on addictions is actually part 1 of 2, which we didn’t know when we were initially taping this. I hope you’ll enjoy this first part thinking about addictions, simply in terms of saying ‘what are they?’ What’s going on inside the experience of a human being who we would qualify as addicted?” Host, Alasdair Groves.

Part 2

In this second part of a two-part series, Alasdair Groves discusses the issue of addictions with Mike Emlet. In the first part, Mike and Alasdair talked about how we can identify and define addictions. In this episode, they discuss pastoral care for those struggling with addictions, whether in a formal or an informal setting.

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