Term 3 – Week 4

Big Idea – Jesus sent the Holy Spirit to be with us all the time.

Acts 1v7-11, Acts 2v 1-13

Lesson Background

Before Jesus ascended to heaven, he promised his friends that God would send the holy spirit to be with them forever. He said this to reassure them that they would not be left alone after his departure. Neither has the Christian today been left alone. The Holy spirit is God’s gift to everyone who believes Jesus Christ is Lord and is the means by which Jesus is with us today. Pentecost (Act 2:14-18) is seen against the background of Joel 2:28, 29. Jesus’ most extensive teaching on the works of the Holy Spirit is found in John 14-16. The spirit was not to function directly within the believers and towards the world until the Son returned to the Father via the cross, resurrection and ascension. The role of the Spirit is as the other comforter who witnesses to the Son. The spirit convinces the world of its sin of unbelief towards Christ, of righteousness because Christ is the embodiment of righteousness, and of coming judgement. (John16:7-11)


#1 I am the way the truth and the life (Very Very Very Big God CD)

#2 1,2,3,4,5, Jesus is alive (Very Very Very Big God CD)

Memory Verse

God showed how much he loved us by having Jesus die for us, even though we were sinful, to make peace with us.

Romans 5:8 & 11

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