Term 1 – Week 7

Big Idea – God gave his people rules to live by

Exodus 16-17, 19-40

Lesson Background

God had miraculously saved his people from slavery in Egypt by performing many wonders, most of all when He parted the Red Sea for Israel to pass through. As God’s redeemed people are now given the law through Moses on Mount Sinai. This is God’s good and holy law that teach his people about the reality of sin and the holiness of God. Note that he gives the law to people who have already been given Abraham’s promise and been saved from Egypt. God’s law is for his people. These are good rules to follow for us too! We should try and follow them. But we can’t follow them perfectly so this points us to Jesus who followed the rules for us and died in our place for the rules we had broken.


#1 Hello Song

#2 God Rules (The King, the Snake & the Promise #5)

Memory Verse


‘Your word is a lamp for my feet, a light on my path’

Psalm 119v105

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