Term 1 – Week 5

Big Idea – God showed his power and saved His people from the Egyptians

Exodus 6:6-8; 12:22-28

Lesson Background

Moses had been saved for a special job; to save the Israelites. He is God’s chosen leader. Here we see them finally lead out of Egypt towards the promised land. And we see God actively involved with his people and looking after them. The Israelites cried out to God for help from their slavery. So God prepares a rescue plan to keep his promise to Abraham. He chose reluctant Moses to lead them but Pharaoh refused to acknowledge God. So God sent plagues. This act of deliverance is a precursor to the culmination of God’s plan for salvation – Christ’s death and resurrection to bring deliverance



#1 Hello Song

#2 God Rules (The King, the Snake & the Promise #5)

Memory Verse

‘Your love is so great it reaches to the skies’

Psalm 57v10a

Leaders PDF

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