Term 1 – Week 1

Big Idea – God made it, we broke it and He fixed it

Genesis 1-3

Lesson Background

The theme for the Bible overview is: God’s people in God’s place under God’s rule. In this lesson, we see a picture of how it should be with Adam & Eve living in God’s perfect creation under his rule. And then then how it gets messed up by A & E not wanting God in charge. The rest of the Bible is obviously about God fixing this problem and our Bible overview with stick closely with this theme


Know that God’s creation was perfect
Understand how Adam and Eve’s wrong choice spoiled their friendship with God
Begin to realise that we also do wrong, but God works to make peace with us


Hello Song

God Rules (The King, the Snake & the Promise #5)

Memory Verse

‘Your love is so great it reaches to the skies’

Psalm 57v10a

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