Term 1 – Week 11

Big Idea – God promised to send a King from David’s Family, he is the forever King. 

2 Samuel 7

Lesson Background

The events leading up to David’s reign as King of Israel were tumultuous. The evil spirit continued to torment Saul and he was very hostile to David. David had to flee from Saul. (About 7 years) When Saul died David was anointed king over Israel. Under his godly rule, Israel became a powerful, peaceful and prosperous kingdom. In David people saw an admirable man, a skilled leader and warrior – one shaped by God. Although he was not perfect, people saw in him an idea of what the coming Messiah would be like. In fact, the Messiah would be far beyond their ideals. God’s promise to David was ultimately fulfilled with the birth of Jesus, king of kings and the long awaited Messiah, into David’s line. This lesson will help the children see this connection.


#1 Hello Song

#2 God Rules (The King, the Snake & the Promise #5)

Memory Verse

‘Your word is a lamp for my feet, a light on my path’

Psalm 119v105

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