Our Commitment to Cross-Cultural Mission

Co-Mission launched the Open Hand Commitment across all of the Co-Mission churches at Revive, Co-Mission’s Annual Bible Festival.

Revelation 7 tells us that there will be “a great multitude that no-one could count from every nation, people and language standing before the throne”. This is what God promised to Abraham in Gen.12 and it’s what our risen Lord Jesus commanded in his great commission. It’s also the celebration what awaits us in heaven: a vast multicultural people praising and enjoying God together. It’s the reason Christ died and it’s the reason God delays the end of the world.

What a marvellous privilege we have of living in London, the most multicultural city in the history of the world, to reach the nations right here: for this the direction of travel that our Saviour wants for every church. God prefers the messy diversity of Liquorice Allsorts to the shiny uniformity of Ferrero Rocher!

With the help of 5 evangelical mission agencies we’re now committed to 5 themes of cross-cultural mission: so mission will not be the sore thumb we resent but the whole hand.


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Here are some simple things we can all do that make a BIG difference.

  1. Look for new people to welcome at church – try chatting about life in London rather than interrogate people about their background. Let people tell us their story and listen?
  2. Invite people who are different to us for a simple Sunday Lunch – take a moment explain how it works in your home so they feel comfortable to come;
  3. Volunteer for a cross-cultural ministry e.g. International Café on Tuesday evenings; simple English KG on Wednesday; International Bible Study on Thursday or English conversation on Friday


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Could we host and support one of our own Ministry Trainees to reach a different ethnic community in London e.g. Tamils here in Raynes Park or Muslims in east London to gain some experience or to send converted people back to their homeland?


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Please pray that the Lord’s Church London (a Korean congregation we hosted for many years) will want to stay in Co-Mission; let’s pray for Co-Mission pioneers like Zim, Alex and Sergei


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Could you or someone you know be involved with a short-term mission? We’re orgnanising short term missions to Jerusalem (1-9 June 2019); Gambia (2020); Belarus (2021)


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As a church we’ll continue to pray for cross-cultural outreach through our weekly programme and at the monthly Central Prayer Meeting. Will you partner with one of our inter/national mission partners in your bible study group? Will you commit to praying during Ramadan using the 30 days of prayer material?

Pray for Michael Perkin as he up leading the Support Ministry, and for Mark and Mands Vernon who’ve just gone to The Gambia.

Let’s pray that we will become more diverse, not just ethnically, but socio-economically and in other ways e.g. a community for those with a disability (the biggest unreached people group in the world), to demonstrate that no-one is beyond the compassion and salvation of Christ; as Matt said recently, “our diversity is a given but our inclusivity is a choice”.

If you want to explore the theme of cross-cultural outreach in more depth why not pick up a copy of “Missions” by Andy Johnson.

The vision in Revelation 7 reminds us that God will not fail in his mission to save a people from all nations as an inheritance for his Son and has chosen to use us, in this extraordinary city, to reach them.

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