In September and October we are learning two great new songs

It is Finished (Listen)

When Jesus hung on the cross he cried ‘It is finished!’ This song by Dustin Kensrue celebrates that Jesus’ work is done: all our sin has been paid for and taken away. We don’t need any of the empty rituals of religion. Deeds, rites, magic words, sacrifices and penances are no good to us – Jesus’ work is finished! My favourite lines echo the invitation from Isaiah 55:1-3. As you sing these words, see if you have the courage to look someone in the eye and give them this beautiful invitation:

Freely drink of living water
Without money come and feast

Impossible Things (Listen)

We’ve sung a lot of hymns over the past year, surrounding ourselves with rich theology from the church’s history. It’s time for a fresh voice, and that has come in the form of a song from Brenton Brown and friends. This song is a celebration of God’s power, encouraging us to place our confidence in him. It doesn’t promise God will give us whatever we want, or that we won’t ever suffer, but it reminds us that God can do anything we ask, even more than we imagine (Eph. 3:20-21). Here is a chance for us to testify that we have confidence in God, and to offer those around us the courage to keep going in the journey of discipleship.

Our God is with us, we will fear no evil
‘Cause you do impossible things

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