Term 2 – Week 4

Big Idea – Jesus healed a man far away, to show he is God’s Son

Luke 7:1-10


Hello Song

Who is the king of the jungle #11

Two little eyes #6

Miss Polly had a dolly

Action Rhymes

There are lots and lots                                             Place one hand on top of other hand over and over again

and lots of books.                                                         Place one hand on top of other hand over and over again

But there’s one book                                                 Show forefinger

that’s the very best—                                                Nod head

THE most important                                                  Outstretch arms

book of all!                                                                       Put hands together to make book

It’s God’s book,                                                             Point upwards

the Bible.                                                                        Put hands together to make book

There was a sick man Lie down or hunch over, look sick

His friend went to fetch Jesus. Pretend to run

Jesus said ‘He is better.’ ‘J’ with Thumb and pointing finger, with other hand move hand away from your lips.

The friend ran all the way home. Pretend to run

The sick man was better. Stand straight/sit up smiley face

Jesus is powerful Strong man’ arms.

Because He is God’s son. Point to the ceiling

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