This remarkable chapter predicts the fall of Jerusalem and the final end of history. Jesus’s conflict with the temple authorities is part of God’s cosmic judgment and the end times. Instead of fuelling unhinged speculation, Jesus specifically wants his disciples (then and now) to be on guard and keep watch as we await his glorious return. This is intensely pastoral and practical!

1. Do we think much about the return of Jesus? In reality, how does this affect our lives (or not)?

2. What kind of picture do we get from v24-27? (You may wish to look at Dan 7:13-14 for OT background)

3. After predicting that the temple would be destroyed within a generation (v30), what does Jesus say about the expected timing of the Son of Man’s return in v32-33?

4. How does the parable of v34-36 help us think about this period of history? Is this how we see our lives?

5. In what ways does this chapter as a whole help us ‘keep watch’? How practically can we take this to heart?

Leader’s Notes

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