Jesus has been ‘scanning’ the Temple to see what’s really going on — it’s not good news. The LORD has come to visit his Temple (Mal 3) and found corruption & hypocrisy. His damning verdict: the whole place will be destroyed. In this sobering chapter, Jesus teaches his followers what to expect before the end comes — the Temple will be destroyed (v5-23) and the Son of Man will return (v24-27). The central call is to ‘keep watch’ so that no one deceives you. But there is also great comfort to know that history, however scary, is in the Lord’s hands and arranged ‘for the sake of the elect’ (v20).

  1. Do we think much about the ‘end’ of history? What do we expect?
  2. Why might Jesus’ words in v2 be shocking?
  3. What two things do disciples ask Jesus to explain in v4?
  4. What kinds of things were they to expect before the Temple was destroyed in v5-13?
  5. Even though these were fulfilled historically in AD70 when the Temple was destroyed, how might these warnings continue to help us as Christians today?
  6. How practically can we help one another in light of these verses?

Leader’s Notes (PDF)

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