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Richard Leadbeater

‘Leady’ is married to Libby and they have three children and one rabbit! Leady is one of our pastors with particular responsibility for our ‘Train’ and ‘Evangelise’ ministries. After a short career in professional football, he studied theology at university, and got ordained in the Church of England. He has previously pastored and planted churches in Birmingham and Guildford. He enjoys sport, family holidays and pretending to know how to make a good coffee!

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After a series of (mostly hostile!) questions directed at Jesus by teachers of the law in the Temple, Jesus now offers his own assessment of them. We see remarkably how those teachers have too low a view of Jesus and consequently too high a view of themselves, with devastating consequences. Let’s pray that we as a small group and church might respond rightly to Jesus — to be those who see him rightly, and so see ourselves and treat others rightly.

  1. In v35-37 how does Jesus expose the teachers of the law as having too low a view of him?
  2. In v38-40 how does this lead to having too high a view of themselves?
  3. How might these twin dangers be a challenge for religious leaders today? How can we be alert and on guard against this?
  4. How might all of us (not just leaders) be tempted to have too low a view of Jesus and too high a view of ourselves?
  5. How as a group can we help one another in light of this passage?

Leaders Notes (PDF)

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Santhosh Thomas

Santhosh is one of our pastors, with special responsibility for overseeing our small groups and various teaching and discipleship programmes. Born and raised in London, he has previously worked in churches in Oxford and Central London. He’s married to Jess and along with their three young children they enjoy sport, swings and meeting new people!

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