We know that now, in our third lockdown, the pressures of lockdown have reached new highs for many in our church family; whether that be anxiety over employment and finances, the challenges of working from working from home or schooling children around the kitchen table, or concerns for our health or the health of friends and family. 

Some have found this pandemic challenging since the very beginning. Others were able to navigate it reasonably well early on, but are now finding it quite hard and need some extra help. 

So we are going to be running a Dundonald Lockdown Support Group,
for anyone who’s saying, “I think I might need some help now.” 

It’s going to be online, on Sunday 14th March at 2pm. It will be hosted by Clayton, with expert input from Sian Coekin, a GP with the NHS, and Helen Thorne, who works for Biblical Counselling UK and leads our Care Team. 

You can join and ask questions. You can join and just be silent. That’s entirely up to you! Obviously, not all our problems will be solved in a one hour Zoom meeting, but we hope that this group will help us as a church care for those in our family who are finding it hard going and looking for some extra help.