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Kids Teams – FAQs

We’re working towards a new team model in the Dundonald Kids ministry, read on for what’s happening and some FAQs

What’s happening?

Building on the fantastic gospel work amongst our children at Dundonald we want to move away from a rota-orientated model to a team-based ministry.

Why are we doing this?

The goal in Dundonald Kids & Youth is to grow lifelong disciples of Jesus through faithful bible teaching in relationship with the church family.

For a growing church like ours, we think the most effective way to grow lifelong disciples is through consistent relationships (week by week) between trained leaders and the children in their groups.  So, we want to move away from a rota system, which often involves change and instability, to dedicated, trained teams who are serving at a different congregation to the one they usually attend.


1. Why change the current system now?

There is much to be thankful for in the kids and youth, however there are a lot of parents who are tired and burnt out from the rota system, the current system is not sustainable in the long term and previously the 0-5’s have been seen as a separate entity from the primary school age kids.

2. Is this new way a tried-and-tested model?

Yes, team-based ministry is a tried, tested and effective model of ministry. Our Instruct and worship ministries all are team based and our serve ministry is transitioning to team-based ministry too.

3. What are the benefits of this model?

Children will learn best because they will be nurtured and taught from leaders who they see each week and trust.
Leaders will get know the children and be better able to teach and love them. They will also be able to build on what was taught the week before.
Parents will come off lots of different rotas and regularly sit through a church service.

4. How do I make sure I do church myself on a Sunday?

We are asking all people in kids and youth to serve at a different congregation and then attend another, therefore you will be attending church regularly.

5. Are you asking all people to serve at one service and attend another?

We are only asking those who will teach in the children and youth programs to serve at one service and attend another.

6. What is my commitment as a leader?

All leaders will to be committed to a team. This means signing up to the team for the whole year. The program will be based around school term, therefore all leaders will have time off over the half term and the holiday period.

7. How can I help as I have three kids under the age of 5 years?

We recognise that all people have different seasons in life and for some serving on the kids and youth team next year is not viable at this period of time. However, no matter what season you are in we can all pray for the kids and youth developments, that God will raise up enough people to serve on these teams. Serving the Lord is sacrificial and though serving at another service seems daunting, when the body of Christ works together we can achieve much for God’s glory.

8. I’m already serving in so many other ways, like praying, reading, coffee, PowerPoint, how can you ask me to go on another rota?

We are not asking you to sign up to another rota, but rather asking you to join a team. If you are willing and able to serve on the kids and youth team, then we can free you up from all the other rotas so that you can devote all your energy and commitment to the kids and youth team.

9. What sort of training will there be? I don’t feel equipped!

Don’t worry, we will not throw you in the deep end. You will become part of a team and together you will teach and love the kids. Training for leaders will be provided for all leaders.

10. When does it all start?

We’d love to hear from you now if you’d like to find out more. We’re taking this term to recruit and train the teams ready to start in September 2018.

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