Kids’ Talks with Colin!

Kids’ Talks with Colin Buchanan is a special new video series featuring short talks, Bible readings, prayers and of course, music! We will update this page as soon as new talks become available.

Episode 1: What are some BIG things? Find out in this exciting Kids’ Talk talk!

Episode 2: Are there things that you can control? Are there things you can’t? Do you know who controls everything?

Episode 3: What’s the best thing about Easter? The Eggs? The Chocolate? Jesus is alive! Take a look!

Episode 4: What’s something that God says to all people, everywhere? How about Mark 12:30–31? Quick! Find out more!

Episode 5: What starts with “Grrrr” and end with “8” and describes our God? Take a look and find out!

Episode 6: Who knows you best? Do they know how many hairs are on your head? Find out who does!

Episode 7: Have you changed? From when you were a little baby to now? Do you know who never changes? Take a little look!

Episode 8: When times are tough, God’s people can turn to His Word, the Bible for comfort and encouragement. Psalm 2 tell us that Jesus is our King! And we can take refuge in Him.

Episode 9: God is always at work fulfilling His plan, even when it looks like nothing is going on. Check it out!

For more of Colin Buchanan, including regular videos with ‘@HomewithColin’, his latest CD, and upcoming events, check out the following links:

This page will continue to be updated with more videos – if you come across anything you think would be great to share on the website please get in touch!

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