JOLT is our Friday night group for age 8-11s (school year 4-6)

Our three priorities are:


Every evening we have great fun through a variety of creative activities – from mega crafts, old-school classics and super snacks!

At the end of each term we have a big celebration with even bigger fun!


We encourage everyone to bring their friends, but also to make new friends – with plenty of opportunity to interact with kids of a similar age from the local community!

Everyone is welcome! Who could you invite along?


As a church group we are committed to sharing something of what we believe each evening. This usually looks like a short talk and small group discussion. We welcome any and all beliefs, and do not force anyone to agree with what we say!

We love sharing the shocking (‘JOLT’ing!) good news of Jesus Christ!

A typical Friday night:

Doors open (6:20pm)

Registration and free play

Organised activities



Small group discussion

End (8pm)

Autumn Term 2023

8th September

22nd September

6th October

20th October

10th November

24th November

8th December

Spring Term 2024

19th January

2nd February

23rd February

8th March

22nd March

Summer Term 2024

26th April

10th May

24th May

14th June

5th July

19th July

Booking is essential

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Any questions, please get in touch!

Bonfire Photos from

11th November 2022