As we come in to land in this majestic book of Isaiah, the camera angle widens and we get a panoramic view of God’s promised future. After the horror of sin and exile, see what the LORD has in store for Jerusalem. You won’t want to miss out!

1. Do people still believe in ‘happily ever after’? If so, on what basis do they expect things to be well in the end?

2. Why is v17 so special given the various problems we’ve seen in Isaiah so far?

3. Where is the focus of confidence in these verses? Who is actively at work?

4. Why might it be significant that Jerusalem in particular (as a shorthand for God’s people) is the source of joy?

5. How does this vision of the future encourage us as followers of Jesus today? How practically can we live in the light of this?

6. Are there any other big take aways from Isaiah that we can pray and give thanks to the LORD for?

Leader’s Notes

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