We come to the fourth and greatest of the Servant Songs. Here we see explicitly how the Servant of the LORD will bring salvation to many nations. These verses are unspeakably precious to show how exactly the Holy One comforts (and justifies) sinners. Hallelujah! What a Saviour!

  1. How has Isaiah so far highlighted the problem of sin, even within God’s people? In what ways do we still see the problem of sin in our world?
  2. What different aspects of the Servant’s ministry do we see in these verses?
  3. Why are v4-6 central to this mission? (You may wish to refer back to 40:1-2 which started this section)
  4. How does this expand our view of the Lord Jesus?
  5. How practically might this help us comfort and help one another in ordinary life?

Leaders Notes (PDF)

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