1. Chapter 39 ends with a tragic promise of judgment and exile. It looks like the end of all hope for the people of God. What changes in 40:1?
  2. What reasons for comfort do we find in v2-11? How might these encourage us as Christians today?
  3. Scan your eyes across v12-26, how do these various questions and observations expand our view of God? In what situations do we most need to recognise this at the moment?
  4. How might we sometimes feel the worry of v27 ourselves? When are we tempted to feel like God must not see or care about our lives?
  5. Why is the answer of v28-31 uniquely comforting?
  6. How practically will this part of God’s word help us to live differently? How might this shape the way we comfort one another?

Leader’s Notes (PDF)

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